Sunday, January 9, 2011

Georgia Boy Choir Auditions Now Being Held

I received a press notice from the Georgia Boy Choir saying they're holding auditions. They sent a pdf file, which means I have to re-type it and I'm just basically lazy so I thought I'd write a short blog instead. Yep, I prefer to copy and paste, so shoot me.

It's for boys 5 to 12. I can see from reading the pdf that there are a lot of great benefits and opportunities. I'll let you go to the web page to read about them... The phone number for more info is 404-402-4083, the web address is...well, it's not on the pdf. Huh. Let's see if the 'register here' button works... yup, it works. It took me to (no S after boy).

I've heard the Georgia Boy Choir and they are fabulous. If you have a boy in the age bracket who has a voice that more than just Mom thinks is good, give it a shot.

Here's a sampling:

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this. The Georgia Boy Choir actually has 5 levels, 3 of which are training choirs, so we're really looking for boys who enjoy singing and want to learn how to do it better. The guys in the video above have been singing with us for many years and have learned to do a fantastic job. So if Mom thinks her son's voice is good, that's good enough for us. We'd love for her to bring her son in to audition. Thanks again!

    The Georgia Boy Choir


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