Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have to admit...

I'm a rather wishy-washy American Idol watcher. I listen late in the season, if at all. If I like someone I'll keep the tube on while working on the computer, go in and turn it up when whoever it is sings. Last night with all the bad weather I was glued to the TV, had my computers unplugged due to the massive amount of lightening. I can lose a TV and not care, can't survive without my computers!

This season there are a few I like, but I think James Durbin tops the list. I like raspy voiced musicians so Haley Reinhart is one I like, too. But I'm from Georgia so it won't hurt my feelings if Lauren Alaina wins. Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment (OK, I admit, I had to go to the website and look for their names...).

I missed Durbin's song last night due to the weather alerts so when someone posted his song on Facebook I had to give it a listen. I loved it. Oh, I liked that country guy's song, too. Crud, now I have to go back to the website and look up another name. Hang on a sec. Scotty McCreery.

Here's Durbin's song, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.

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