Sunday, September 19, 2010

Joe Satriani (@chickenfootjoe) Coming to Center Stage Atlanta! (@centerstageatl)

I was just over checking out Joe Satriani's website and, of course, pulled up tour dates to see when he'll next be in Atlanta. He's going to be at Center Stage December 1st. Now, I know it's early, but friends, if you really love me, like me, you'll think about the fact that the date makes it a perfect Christmas gift (hint, hint, HINT).

Satriani has got to be one of the best guitar wizards ever! I can still remember the first time I heard "The Crush of Love". I was hooked forever. I immediately went out and bought the CD, and a few others.

Here's a link to ticket sales on his site: He'll be on tour, so even if you're not in the Atlanta area I'd bet you'll find a concert in your area. Remember, concert tickets make a great Christmas present, especially since you can give them early and earn extra brownie points.

Don't miss out on visiting the home page just 'cause I sent you to a sub-page first. Very cool home page. Yep, I'm easily entertained... give me good music and something fun to look at and ya got me.

Satriani has a new CD coming out soon, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards. Just the title alone makes me want it! Here's a link if you'd like to take a listen and / or buy:

And, just in case you've never listened to Joe Satriani, here's another of my favorites (I have a ton of them -- come visit with me on if you want to hear more of the tunes I like to blip).

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